Writing a newspaper article for high school

Now, however, newspapers are used throughout the school year in every area of the curriculum. What additional information should be placed near the beginning of the story. Comics particularly student drawn ones Guest articles from staff and faculty Polls.

Ask students to use classified pages of the newspaper to do the following: Whenever I lack ideas, I always check out the newspaper for current issues. Discuss and compare the adjectives.


Opening quotation What will give the reader a sense of the people involved and what they are thinking. What physical characteristics of the country might have contributed to the events in the story. Ask, "How many of you would be interested in reading this story. Lead sentence Grab and hook your reader right away.

Students should then complete the sheet using details from their particular article and share the summary of their newspaper article. Apply as many layers as necessary, allowing each layer to dry before putting on another layer.

What physical characteristics of the country might have contributed to the events in the story. In other words, you actually get to make up information. Squeeze out excess paste and drape the strips over a mold, such as a balloon or shaped chicken wire, overlapping the edges.

Arrange students into groups, and assign each group one international story in the news. Discuss with the class how newspapers use a standard format.

Writing a Newspaper Article - Lesson

Then distribute headlines from less prominent stories and ask students to choose one and write a news story to go with it. They answer the questions: As a follow-up to the activity, you might ask students to design their own ads using one of the propaganda techniques studied.

Write stories on those running for class offices and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. If tailored correctly, he says, the material will allow even young kids to understand the data — and sometimes appropriately challenge whether the authors of the original paper interpreted their findings correctly.

Social issues parenting, divorce, dating, religion, marriage, diversity, racism, etc. He stated, "It is a big help to students here at this school to have this piece of land. Bandwagon -- the implication that "everybody else is doing it. Have the groups again report to the whole class what types of items they noticed in their paper.

Which techniques were most effective. Arrange students into teams, and use the question-and-answer combinations to play a Jeopardy type of current events game.

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Review your research and notes. Encourage them to use the stories to create a news time line. Describe the people in the area and how it has affected them. Make a list of five categories that might be created using the newspaper, such as Countries, Weather Events, Mathematical Symbols, Movies, and Technology Terms.

Possible proactive ways to avoid flooding in the future. Then Simmons would introduce news stories about air pollution and respiratory health, leveraging what his students already knew.

PLEASE help! How to write a newspaper article for a high school newspaper?

Read examples of news and feature articles from the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. The story will appear in the Monday morning edition of most newspapers.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper

Feel free to comment on each other's answers, and give your reasons for your choices. The goal is to eventually have students answering questions by thinking beyond what they have read.

Ten of the reasons teachers find newspapers such effective classroom teaching tools are detailed in the NIE feature "Why Use Newspapers?. local newspaper. Try writing an epitaph for the character as well.


7. Find, keep and classify examples of figures of speech found in the newspaper. Make a poster ELEMENTARY MIDDLE HIGH SCHOOL Newspaper Activities. OKLAHOMA NEWSPAPER FOUNDATION NEWSPAPERS IN EDUCATION ELEMENTARY MIDDLE HIGH SCHOOL.

For teachers like Catherine White, the list of what isn’t appropriate for her high school chemistry students can rival the list of what is. “If it’s strictly a feature article and gives information but doesn’t talk about specific research, I don’t use it.

Journalism Fundamentals Lessons What is News? Journalism Ethics Law & First Amendment News Literacy Getting Started Lessons Story Ideas Reporting and Interviewing News Writing Style, Editing and Headlines Specialized Writing Lessons Feature Writing Editorial, Column and Review Writing Sports Reporting and Writing Broadcast News Writing Multimedia Lessons Photography and Cutlines.

The high price of education—classes that cost additional money like photography, art, computer classes The cost of belonging—activities where you have to pay additional money to represent the school—.

A high school teacher for 14 years, he is now the president of Authentic Education, in Hopewell, New Jersey, which provides professional development and other services to schools aimed at. Writing a News Report Created by: Dale Simnett and Darren Reed Formatted by R Fracchioni He said he’ll eat tomatoes produced from the high-flying seeds or use them to • You must relate your newspaper report to both the headline and the picture.

Purpose and.

Writing a newspaper article for high school
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